2012-2013 - Flashback

Flashback HD Xbox 360 / PS3 - VECTORCELL Published by Ubisoft

I have made those game environments with Unreal 3, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Zbrush and Crazybump. This includes the modeling, UVW Unwrap, texturing (difuse, specular, emissive, alpha and normal maps), shader, lighting, special effects (ray lights, flares, fog, flashing light).

I have done the entire level building / art composition following the game design and the art direction.

Everything is moving in the environments to give life to the scenes, plants, falling leaves, ray light and dust, birds in background, dragonfly. The plants and flowers are moving when they are touched by the player.

In the City the glow of the neon signs and blinking, the rain in falling with rain drops on the camera, the spot lights are moving in the sky.

In the alien word, the eggs / orbs are viscous and dripping, the background caves have phosphorescent glowing dot lights moving around.