Working with the new tools of Unreal Engine 5.

I'll be updating here on the progress of my island world and some details about the making.

 Click on the picture for full screen and scroll with middle mouse wheel.

- This is work in progress -

Made a lanscape material:

With Material functions:

With foliage assigned to matererial layers:

- Added an Ultra Dynamic Sky to adjust:
Day/night cicle, volumetric clouds, sun/moon lighting and size,
weather conditions, lens flare and bloom effects.

- Added an ocean with specific colors and waves.
I still need to add foam.

- Added landscape patches to control montains and flexible heightmaps.
- Added RVT volumes.
- Added a few far mountain meshes.
- Added the player character.

- Working with PCG graphs to control procedural Cliffs/Rocks/Trees/Vegetation, WIP.