What people say about me

Mitch Phillips - Art Manager / Art Director at DR-Studios:
Francis is the kind of team player every art manager wants on his/her team.
He's dedicated, thorough in his practices , a great mentor to the juniors on the team and does a first class job with everything thrown at him.
Honestly, Francis is a great hire for any studio and I wish him all the success in his next role.

Stuart Wilson - 3D Environment Artist at DR-Studios:
Francis was an absolute pleasure to work with, very patient and could never do enough to help you. I learned so much from him and my skills transformed as a 3D Environment Artist; which I'll always be grateful for. Francis always collaborated closely with and led the Environment team with a strong vision for what can be achieved and to push us to be greater in every task. There was no hurdle that Francis couldn't overcome and always went above and beyond what was expected; a true inspiration. If I got to work with Francis again it would be excellent, don't let him out of your sights!

Christophe Devaux - 3D Director and 3D Animator at Vectorcell:
Francis has extensive experience in the video game and has done a remarkable job creating futuristic environements. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Clément Bassery - Props Artist at Vectorcell:
Francis is a key person in a production. He is a complete artist. His artistic and technical skills are excellent. I really appreciate to work with him. I wish I will work with Francis again.

Matthieu Leveder - Game programmer at Vectorcell:
Francis is the kind of colleague we like to have, friendly and professional, interesting and open to communication, but also a very competent artist and a motivated video game enthusiast, with a critical eye and sound advice.

Francesco Musso - Lead QA at Vivendi Universal Games:
Francis is a highly skilled professional with vast experience in many fields related to the videogame industry. I worked very closely with him for about four years during my time at Vivendi Universal and I was immensely impressed by both his creativity and his organizational skills. He is a brilliant project lead with strong competence in project and resource management. His 2D & 3D works are outstanding, and his extensive background in digital art, animation, SFX effects, 3D modeling makes him a great asset to any game development company.

Anthony Fitzgerald - Lead Coder at Vivendi Universal Games:
I worked with Francis on many high profile games while working in Vivendi. I found him to be very professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. He never got stressed under pressure with tight deadlines and was always willing to help other departments to locate and solve issues that arose. His artistic abilities also impressed me and I always looked forward to seeing his 3D creations. He is a very valuable person to have in any company.

Veronika Mang - Lead QA at Vivendi Universal Games:
I really appreciated Francis as a colleague. Francis was always professional in everything he did. He also played a significant role in setting high standards in the QA department. Francis would be an asset to any team.

Sarah Brennan- Lead QA at Vivendi Universal Games:
I worked with Francis over a period of 4 years in Vivendi, and always found him to be an very organised, competent and approchable collegue with a wide-ranging knowledge of many applications.

Piearse Finegan - Project Manager at Vivendi Universal Games:
Francis was an outstanding QA lead in Vivendi Universal Games. He was focused on games, professional in his work, and he was always calm and resourceful, even when under pressure. His artistic and organizational abilities make him a great asset to the games industry.

Atilla Edelenyi - Lead Coder at Vivendi Universal Games:
I worked with Francis on several games during my time at Vivendi. His high level of understanding of the game localisation processes and his QA skills made him an outstanding QA lead. He is fun to work with and he has a great personality. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone.

David Fleming - Lead Graphic Artist at Vivendi Universal Games:
I worked alongside Francis for quite some time at Vivendi Universal Games and I always found Francis to be an excellent QA lead. During my time I worked on many titles with myself as the Lead graphic artist and Francis as Lead QA. Francis was always willing to help out when I needed a little assistance on bugs. He was always well informed and fully aware of what his junior QA testers were doing so that he was really the only point of contact I needed. Working with Francis was always a pleausure, since he is a great guy as well as a hard worker.

Bill Sweeney - Graphic Artist at Vivendi Universal Games:
I watched Fancis' 3d skills develop in the time he was with Vivendi Games. I couldn't believe how quickly he learnt the art of 3d! He is an amazing talent!!

Anthony MacKey - QA Tester at Vivendi Universal Games:
During my tenure at Vivendi Universal Games I reported directly to Francis Courchinoux. I found Francis a pleasure to work for. He had a keen eye for detail and was calm and collected under pressure. His organisational skills were an important factor for me and I was able to take some of that with me to my next job.

René Laurent - QA Tester at Vivendi Universal Games:
Francis is one of the most meticulous and creative guys I 've ever had the pleasure of working with. He always gets an extremely high quality of performance out of his teams and you know when he has planned and executed a test schedule that your product will pass any platforms certification.
His wide ranging knowledge of all aspects of game design, digital art, sound engineering and project planning makes him an ideal asset in any game dev team.

Bairbre Bent - QA Tester at Vivendi Universal Games:
Francis was very organised and dedicated team lead. He had strong leadership qualities and excelled at building high performance teams. I found Francis to be a good communicator and motivator during my time in his team.

Borja Guillan - QA Tester at Vivendi Universal Games:
Francis was my lead for a large project during my time in Vivendi as a localisation games tester. His main qualities as a lead remain on his management and social skills as well as a highly methodical coordination of tasks; always under a close eye.

Lara Lanciotti - QA Tester at Vivendi Universal Games:
Francis is a detaile-oriented manager without losing sight of the strategic objective.

Roger Rosa - Graphic Artist at Excess Development:
Francis has always demonstrated an undestructable motivation in his work and group working relationships. He is undoubtly a very talented musician but has also been constantly interested in video games and graphics. He has certainly progressed in that area as well and shows a professional attitude to his work and his colleagues. A great guy to know and work with.

Nadir Bousoukaia - Game Director / Lead Coder at Excess Development:
I worked with Francis for 3 years in a Game project development group.
I really appreciated him as well in terms of human relationship as in terms of his professionalism.
Francis was in charge of Music & SFX and performed several great original pieces, mixing Electric Guitar and Keyboards at a time where it was not usual (Hear them at http://nadir.is.online.fr/index.php/content/view/29/44/)
As a Sound Effect Designer He often amazed me, and managed to give a specific sound atmosphere to the game.
I'll be pleased to work with him again, as he is tireless when he starts a project or simply a task.