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Lead / Senior Environment Artist at DR-Studios / 505 Games

2020 - 2023 - Hawken Reborn:
Responsible for the making of the environments of four huge zones [interiors (caves and buildings) and exteriors (farm, crashed ships, forests, coastline, jetty, factories], on the game Hawken Reborn, a Sci-Fi shooter open world, with a very small team.

This includes 3d modeling (high and low poly), baking, texturing, implementation of the assets in Unreal Engine 4, LODs and Collisions, optimization, Materials adjustments, Terrain adjustments, Painting terrain materials, Painting foliage, placing and composing the world with rocks, and grass, plants, trees, using modular pieces to build buildings, adding FX and lighting.
Also reviewing all the environment artist's tasks to help them reach the best quality of their work. 
Working closely with the Art director, the concept artist, Level Designers, and the Tech team.
Took part of the recruitment process for new artists.
Bug testing and bug reporting.
Fixing the issues.
(2 environment artists/4 modelers/2 tech artists/1 concept artist/1 art director)